Waldo my spirit dog, smiling                              Coco, cat from the hood, very social                                     Isabeau, our newest rescue! 

 Hudson in a tub, soaking feet!                                                          Can I go walking too?                               Old  walking buddy, or is it trotting?

   Billy and Chara, they love to run!                                             Miss Coco, looking for her humans! In there?

     Mighty Dillan, great hikes on his visit.                                     Prima, little sweet girl, loves belly rubs!

Billy, loves hiking and running with Chara                               Chara mud-dog, after puddle-jumping, my girl now.

 Zasha and Hudson, cooling off                                                      The Three Amigos, Otis, Jesse and Bruin
Mr. Ziggy, singing away!                                                                 Chara, Jesse and Otis in the truck, off to hike

 Gatsby and Oscar, good boys, were very shy                                In Loving Memory of Lia 

 Betty was so shy became a good friend                                      Katrina, Matriarch, she's in charge

Peanut say, give her a call, she's great!   Trust me                      Primi says, call for a belly rub, she's awesome!

 Waldo says,                                                                                           Zasha and Hudson hiking at the Fellsway
"What are you waiting for, call Taleithea!                 

Jasmine says, Taleithea is lots of                                               Wick, keeper of the flame, great cat!
fun and loves us all!   

 Max, was told I would never see him???                                      Chara and Billy rough-housing!
Love Max!           

Chara, my mud puppy, loves the water.
Me and little Joey, only dog I know that smiles all the time!  So sweet