Welcome to Taleithea's Tails' where your pets get the Best!

ALPHA LEADER!  Are you alpha in to your pack?  Are there Behavior Problems?  
Dogs of all sizes and breeds experience all kinds of  Walking Issues?  
No Problem!  Taleithea to the Rescue!  Shy Cats, Crazy Cats,  Large and Small Exotics, birds, small animals too!  

Mutual Unconditional love is what I share with your pet.
You will experience Peace of mind while your pet in my care.

Healing that nervous, confused and/or scared pet with new skills will connect your spirit with your pet. Nothing like a purring kitten or watching a puppy at play!

My spirit connection with animals is a true gift which has grown with me throughout my life. Animals of all kinds, large and small can sense this spirit in people.  

Having problems with your dog pulling/dragging you around 
walking ?  Who is Alpha in your home?  Be a pack leader.

Is your dog aggressive when walking, making your nervous and scared?  Insecure dog? Need to be socialized?  Walked more often?When we become insecure and then nurture that same insecure energy within your your dog, we confuse the animal into acting out in all kinds of ways.  We must be confident, strong, in control and BREATH, it is very important to breath and release that energy. 

Now it is time to take back your home and learn to control your dog.  You must become Alpha dog, yes, the boss!

Is your dog barking out of control, annoying neighbors, or is he/she chewing up your home while you are at work or away? Does your dog experience excessive behavior changes when your leaving your home? This is separation anxiety, so easy to change.

Kathleen Taleitha O’Reilly, Owner



Phone number  781-605-9171
Animal Behaviorist and Psychologist
Fully Insured 

Member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
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In loving memory of Cinderella
"Cindi Loo"  

This is Ziggy, dancing on his cage, ready for the show!
Nico our rescue
1998 - 2014



Max Loves to Play  

Cindi says "Oh no, not the nails!"

Otis and Jessie 

Visiting the Northshore areas:

Arlington, Danvers, Malden, Melrose, Medford, Saugus, Somerville, Winchester 
and many more Northshore cities!

My first handicapped rabbit
Josephine, sweet girl.
Please review my basic fees for pet services to determine the best method of training for your beloved pets.



In memory of our dear Cleo. 

Shy little Katrina 
came out to play

My Gift of Love for Animals is shared unconditionally with all my clients pets, call them and see!    

Administer medications and, 
offer Massage Therapy (MT and PT)
for pets recovering from surgery or injury.   

All set and ready to go walking, 
gathering the pack.
Chara, my girl 
an old friend, Peanut.